Flight Head 5


The Flight Head V's unique 3 or 4-axis gyro-stabilized design eliminates all bumps & vibrations resulting in an extremely smooth and stable picture (10 - 500mm film lenses). The Flight Head V (FHV) provides complete control of the camera and lens functions. The FHV is operated via joystick or hand wheels. Besides its specific role with the Russian Arm the Flight Head V is the perfect head for: Super Techno Cranes, Shock Absorber, Camera Cars, Chase Cars, Boats, Remote Dollies.

3 or 4 Axis Gyro-Stabilized.
Back-pan compensation.
RF Wireless capability.
Digital Auto Horizon always keeps camera level even in hi G turns.
Auto Horizon can be turned off for greater control of Roll Axis.
Pan axis travels through 360° with back-pan compensation.
Roll axis travels through 270° with auto horizon.
Tilt Axis travels through 200°.
Pan Speed, Roll Speed, Tilt Speed 160 °/ sec.
Preston FIZ plugs into head console to give Zoom control on the left joy stick.
Payload capacity up to 40 kg.
Light Weight only 24 kg.
Temperature range from -40 °C up to +40 °С.
Mounts to standard Mitchell base.

Power Requirements
24-30 VDC
2 Amps Standby
15 Amps Din. Max.

0 Width 56 cm
Height 100 cm

Flight Head Compact


The FLIGHT HEAD COMPACT is a new generation of lightweight camera remote heads. It compensates an angular vibration of camera ensuring very stable and very smooth images throughout 25-400 mm (film lens) zoom range. COMPACT can be mounted underslung or over-slung on a wide variety of regular or telescoping camera cranes, dollies, camera cars, vibration isolators, quad bikes, helicopters and cablecam rigs, etc. The system offers a horizon control (true horizon) under extreme shooting conditions. Wireless capable. Operated with hand wheels or joystick.

Russian Arm (Auto Robot)


The Legendary and Academy Award winning Russian Arm (original name Autorobot) was designed and developed back in the Soviet time by FILMOTECHNIC as the first of its kind robotic and mobile camera remote crane system. It is the most flexible and stable camera system on the market. The Russian Arm changed the way in which film makers shoot their tracking shots. It inspired directors and DP’s to create the most amazing dynamic shots ever, such as the high speed and breathtaking scenes on ‘War of Worlds’ or chase shots in ‘Transformers’.  As well as numerous tracking shots for ‘Mission Impossible 3’, ‘Fast and Furious’, ‘Incredible Hulk’ and many others. It is also quickly became the preferred tool for shooting car commercials and music videos. The Russian Arm is the unique combination of a gyro stabilized remote system the ‘Flight Head’ and a remote camera crane. The Russian Arm is operated via joystick consoles from within a camera car. The high speed mobile crane is mounted on the roof of a camera car or any other mobile platform (boats, bus, train, etc) and is used to film moving vehicles from just about any and every angle you want. The Russian Arm keeps the camera steady while going high speed, across bumpy roads or off-road.

Pan & Tilt axis are gyro-stabilized
Length of the arm 4 meters   (Optional 6meters)
360° panning capability 
Operating Tilt angle ±45°
Speed 6 sec / 360°
Max camera payload capacity 25 kg
Weight up to 300 kg (RA, FH, Camera, Counter Weights)
Set-up Time on ML55 Chase Car: up to 2 hours (including camera)
Set-up Time on a Picture Vehicle: up to to 3 hours (not including vehicle’s prep)
Operating at speeds up to 150 km / hr

Camera Shock Absorber


The Shock Absorber is extremely versatile vibration dampening system, allowing the gyrostabilized Flight Head to be mounted on vehicles in various configurations,including the rear of a hatchback, the side or rear door of a van, a low-loader vehicle, boat or even a six wheeled quad bike. It can also be mounted from the side door of some helicopters (subject to aviation approval). Its great performance and picture stability allows shooting incredibly dynamic shots even at high speeds or going off-road. Shock Absorber is easy in handling and operation. Capable of wireless operation Lightweight for easily handling and transportation Can be dismounted in small portable elements Setup time 1 hr

Height (standard package)  1,45m (adjustable)
Depth 84cm • Base 0,71x0,72m (removable for scaffold mounting)
Temperature range from - 30 °С up to +40 °С
Max.payload 35 kg (camera)
Weight (without camera head &camera) 50kg

Vibra box / Pan bar


The Vibra Box (VB) contains similar gyros the Flight Head and Russian Arm employ. Allows camera to be stabilized while introducing artificial shake of the frame. The degree of shake is adjustable. VB is perfect for shooting dynamic chase scenes where the perfectly smooth car commercial look is undesirable. Attached to a fluid head the VB also acts as a pan bar with pan, tilt and roll. Attached to a helmet the VB becomes a POV Simulator moving the camera as the operator’s head moves.

Modes of Operation
Mode 1 moves the camera according to vehicles movement on road. Attached to vehicle or keeping in hands, VB gyros will translate all detected movement into camera movement.
Mode 2 creates frame vibration to add dynamics to the shot. Both Modes can work simultaneously and are fully adjustable on the fly.