Filmotechnic Europe was founded in 2004 with headquarters located in Amsterdam and is a branch of parent company Filmotechnic located in Ukraine.

Filmotechnic Europe specializes in providing gyroscopic equipment and services. Our equipment includes the world famous Oscar and Cinec awarded Russian Arm and Flight Head, and Oscar awarded Cascade crane and shock absorbers. Filmotechnic equipment is utilized across 3 elements on ground, in air, and on water.

Our team is made up of enthusiastic and highly professional specialists located in various countries with many years of set experience in feature films, commercials, and events.

Filmotechnic Europe teams and equipment were used in Feature Films:
  • Babylon A.D.
  • Wanted
  • Largo Winch 2
  • Ghost Rider 2
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 3
  • others


  • Eurovision Song Contest
  • Olympic Games
  • Andre Rieu concerts
  • Red Bull Knock Out
  • others


  • Majority of world car brands
  • F1 brands
  • Rolex
  • Repsol
  • Shell
  • others

Filmotechnic Europe has locations in Spain and seasonally in South Africa; equipment is also available locally from affiliates in France, Germany, and Hungary.

We provide our clients with the best equipment and service in the industry.